Archived Playlists:  January - March 2011

'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz), and streamed as well. Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


 TRACK / artist / album / label     (* Australian content) 

(Intro theme: HERON ELECTION JIG / Silly Wizard / Silly Wizard / XTRA)

27 March 2011

I was out of town, so the program was kindly presented by Roger, one of my folk colleagues at 2MCE-FM.

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20 March 2011

The featured album was EILEAN MO GHAOIL (THE MUSIC OF ARRAN) An ensemble presentation of music from or associated with the island of Arran, the 'beloved isle', located doon the watter from Glasgow in the Firth of Clyde. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


SIR RICHARD'S SONG / The Demon Barbers / Waxed / DJC Records

* THE PUSH ON THE CORNER / O'Leary & Hildebrand / Together Again ... Again /

CHESSMEN and YESTREEN I HAD A PINT O' WINE / Deaf Shepherd / Even In The Rain / Scottish Arts Council

* FOUR GREEN FIELDS / Garry Tooth / Garry 4 Cathie / self published

THE FRANCO PRUSSIAN WAR OF THE SPANISH SUCCESSION / The Mrs Ackroyd Band / Gnus And Roses / Mrs Ackroyd Records

* POP HOLLAND'S / Barry McDonald / Still A Long Way From Home / UNESCO

* DINGO FLAT / Barry McDonald / Still A Long Way From Home / UNESCO

BONNIE LIGHT HORSEMAN / Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts / Intuition / Fat Cat Records

* THE ROARING DAYS / James Fagan / The Songs Of Chris Kempster /

THE JACINTA / Alan Bell / The Definitive Collection / Greentrax

FLANAGAN'S PENNY TRUMPET / Garry Walsh / Penny Trumpets / Phaeton Records

FAIR FLOWER OF NORTHUMBERLAND / Ceoltoiri / Women Of Ireland / Maggie's Music

THE MILEHOUSE and CANAL SONG / The Queensberry Rules / Take Your Own Roads / Fellside-Planet

THE TITANIC / The Rhythm Rats / Pretty Crowin' Chicken / 5-String Productions

WHEN I'M GONE / Dick Gaughan / Outlaws & Dreamers / Greentrax

* THE PICKERS' TRAIN / Neil Adam / Aussie Lullaby / self published

JEWEL IN THE CROWN / Fairport Convention / Jewel In The Crown / Woodworm Records

* THE RAKES SET / Madd Marianne / Get Madd / self published

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13 March 2011

The featured album was UP THE STAIRS by THE MAKEM AND SPAIN BROTHERS (Red Biddy) The latest album from a well pedigreed group based in the US, strong on harmonies and vocal impact, with a spread of mostly what could be described as celtic-style songs. Although definitely not the usual rollicking professional Irish pub songs, I think you'd be encouraged to sing along if you were at a concert. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* BROTHER JOE AND ME / Bob Campbell / The Divide /

NEVER LOVE THEE MORE / Greg Stephens and Crookfinger Jack / The Beggar Boy Of The North / Harbourtown Records

CAILIN RUA and THE ASH PLANT SET / Dervish / Playing With Fire / Whirling Discs

PEKING / Tom Lewis / Mixed Cargo / Borealis

* JOTA LA CLAVELLINERA / The Last Five Coins / Musical Traditions In Australia /

* OLD JACK / Jim Macquarrie / Musical Traditions In Australia /

THE LOOKING GLASS / Fay Hield / Looking Glass / Topic

MAUDABAWN CHAPEL / Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhnaill / Portland / Green Linnet

* THE MORNING OF THE FRAY / Collector / The Game Is Getting Lively /

* SIXTEEN COME NEXT SUNDAY / Mothers Of Intention / Watersong /

JIMMY WARD'S FANCY / Steamchicken / Calling All Chickens / self published

SPIKE DRIVER BLUES / Doc Watson / Trouble In Mind / Sugar Hill

THE GALWAY GIRL / Sharon Shannon with Steve Earle / The Diamond Mountain Sessions / Hummingbird Records

* PASTURES OF PLENTY / The Fagans / Milk And Honey Land /

FLEUR DE MANDRAGORE / Lunasa / Lunasa / Compass

NEVER TIRE OF THE ROAD / Andy Irvine / Rain On The Roof / self published

MOONSHINER / New Lost City Ramblers / American Moonshine & Prohibition / Smithsonian Folkways

TOM KRUSKAL'S / Elixir / Rampant /

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6 March 2011

The featured album was HUMOURING THE TUNES by RUFUS GUINCHARD (SingSong Productions) Recorded a year or so before his death at age 91, this is an impressive collection of tunes from a master fiddler from Newfoundland. Strong playing and great music. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


ANNABEL LEE and ANGELINE THE BAKER / Full Frontal Folk / Sweet Mystery Of Life / self published

JACK OF DIAMONDS / John McCutcheon / Sprout Wings And Fly / Rounder

HELLO STRANGER / The Carter Family / Country Music Hall Of Fame Series / MCA

A TRAIN ROBBERY / Levon Heln / Dirt Farmer / Vanguard

POR UN AMOR / Linda Ronstadt / Canciaones Di Mi Padre / Asylum

INTOXICATED RAT / New Lost City Ramblers / American Moonshine & Prohibition / Smithsonian Folkways

SAIL AWAY LADIES / Marley's Ghost / Spooked / Sage Arts

TOM JOAD / Arlo Guthrie with The Dillards / 32c Postage Due / Rising Son Records

WEST VIRGINIA BOYS / Sarah McQuaid / I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning /

TO HEAR DOC WATSON PLAY / Si Kahn / Thanksgiving / Strictly Country Records

COLUMBUS STOCKADE BLUES / Doc and Richard Watson / Third Generation Blues / Sugar Hill

SULLIVAN'S HOLLOW and HOW LONG / Uncle Earl / She Waits For Night / Rounder

RAILROAD LADY / Jimmy Buffett / The Great Jimmy Buffett / Goldies

STARRY CROWN / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind / Music Maker

ADIEU MARGUERITE / De Temps Antan / Les Habits De Papier / Hearth Music

JOSHUA GONE BARBADOS / Fourtold / Fourtold / Appleseed

LOVERS RETURN / Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton / Trio II / Asylum

ROVE RILEY ROVE / Bruce Molsky / Poor Man's Troubles / Rounder Select

SHERBURNE / various / Southern Journey Vol.9 - Harp Of A Thousand Strings / Rounder

WAKE UP TO CAPE BRETON / Annalivia / Barrier Falls / 5-String Productions

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27 February 2011

The featured album was THE SUNDAY NIGHT SESSION by SANDY BRECHIN & FRIENDS ( An album celebrating the good times at the weekly session which used to be held in the Ensign Ewart, a pub at the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. This is a studio recording - not in the pub - with excellent musicians on show, which is not always the case at pub sessions. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


PRETTIEST LITTLE GIRL IN THE COUNTY / Dirk Powell / Time Again / Rounder Select

THE FIDDLER MICK HOY / Ben Lennon & Tony O'Connell / Rossinver Braes / Clo Iar-Chonnachta

LAST THING ON MY MIND / Judy Collins with Stephen Stills / Acoustic Rainbow Vol 38 /

CHA TIG MOR MO BHEAN DHACHAIGH and FONN FHINN / Brian O hEadhra / An t-Allt / Brechin All Records

PENDA'S FEN / Blowzabella / Dance /

CAPTAIN WARD / Steve Tilston / Of Many Hands / ADA Recordings

* BELLS AND BULLOCKS / Chloe & Jason Roweth / Another Threshing Day /

WHAT DUB DOES / Peter Cooper / The Lloyd Green Album / Red Beet Records

STJERNERNE / Karen Mose / Vingefang / Go' Danish

THE COBBLER'S DAUGHTER / Kate Rusby / Sleepless / Compass

GALOP / Dave Greely / Sud Du Sud / Hearth Music

PIBDDAWNS GWYR / Allan Yn Y Fan / Trosnant / Steam Pie Records

* THE SPRING JAUNT / Dave de Hugard / Magpie Morning / Sandstock

* LAMENT FOR PLUTO / Bruce Watson / Balance /

SMASH THE WINDOWS / Sliabh Notes / Along Blackwater's Banks / Ossian

A KISS IN THE MORNING EARLY / Niamh Parsons / Heart's Desire / Green Linnet

THREE SCORE AND TEN / Circus Envy / Songs From SingOut! Vol.53#4 /

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20 February 2011

The featured album was RELAX YOUR MIND by HAPPY TRAUM (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop ) Excellent picking is never out of style and this is right up there with the best. It's a CD reissue of Traum's first solo album, from 1975, and it joins a growing list of fine guitar albums given new life thanks to this busy label. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


THE BARNYARDS O' DELGATY / Old Blind Dogs / Tall Tails / Lochshore

PLUNKY SET / Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag / Spreefix /

* LAY DOWN YOUR WEARY TUNE / Wheelers And Dealers / Full House /

QUEEN'S JIG / The Old Swan Band / Swan For The Money / WildGoose

YOUNG MUNROE and LE REEL DU PENDU / John Faulkner / Nomads / Clo Iar-Chonnachta

* DOWN THE RIVER / Loaded Dog / That There Dog O' Mine /

* HEPIMIZ DELIYIZ / Kim Sanders & Friends / You Can't Get There From Here /

REEL A POINTE-AU-PIC / Chris Wood & Andy Cutting / Lisa / R.U.F.

AMSTERDAM / Flossie Malavialle / The Tour Collection /

GREEN GROW THE ISSUES O / Keith Donnelly & Flossie Malavialle / Dark Horses /

JOUASTE AR C'HEISTE / Skolvan / Kerzh B'a'n Dans / Keltia Musique

NELL'S SONG / The Once / The Once / Borealis

NO IRISH NEED APPLY / Frank Harte / The Hungry Voice / Hummingbird Records

THE BAY OF BISCAY / Waterson : Carthy / Broken Ground / Topic

GOLDEN LEGS / Jerry Holland & John Doyle / Helping Hands / Fiddlesticks Music

URGE FOR GOING / Ken Whiteley / Another Day's Journey / Borealis

THE MOON AND ST CHRISTOPHER / Deighton, Deighton, Matthews, Roberts, Rusby, Shaw / Intuition / Fat Cat Records

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13 February 2011

The featured album was 2011 COBARGO FOLK FESTIVAL , a compilation CD including tracks from some of the performers at a festival coming up later this month. The following tracks (all * Australian content) were scattered through the program:

AUSTRALIA'S ON THE WALLABY (Warren Fahey and The Larrikins); WALKING MY BLUES AWAY (Chris O'Connor); ANOTHER WAR OUT THERE (Peter Hicks); DEAD HORSE GAP (Brown Mountain Bogtrotters); SPICKS AND SPECKS (Bombala Rotary & Community Choir)

CINDY, I'LL MARRY YOU ONE DAY / Robert Plant / Band Of Joy / Decca

GLEN ECHO JIG / The Reckless Ramblers / Lowdown Hoedown / Great Meadow Music

* ACCIDENT OF BIRTH / Blackwood / Home Soon / Making Music

KITTY AND I / Sylvia Herold & Euphonia / Lovely Nancy /

LADY JANE / Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry / At First Light / Vertical Records

PANIC ROOM BLUES / Davey Graham / Blues Guitar Workshop / Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

TRAMPS AND HAWKERS / Ewan McLennan / Rags & Robes /

HUNDREDS OF WAYS and PIG'S FOOT / Ari & Mia / Unruly Heart /

THE BEGGAR MAN / Malinky / Last Leaves / Greentrax

THERE IS A TABLE IN HEAVEN / Ernie Hawkins / Whinin' Boy / Corona Records

THE MORNING STAR / The Bothy Band / Out Of The Wind Into The Sun / Polydor

THE WILD GOOSE / Kate Rusby / Sleepless / Compass

MY HOME'S ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS / Frank Bode / Been Riding With Old Mosby / Smithsonian Folkways

CHINKY PIN / Clark Kessinger / Old Time Country Music / Smithsonian Folkways

BALLOS OF THE MARRIAGE / Michalis Terzis / Music Of The Greek Islands / ARC Music

JOIN US IN OUR GAME / Mr Fox / Join Us In Our Game / Castle Music

* THE GREAT NORTHERN LINE / Collector / Pumpkin And Bear /

* WAR SONG / Bernard Carney / No Blood For Oil /

BLOWZABELLA / Blowzabella / Dance /

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6 February 2011

The featured album was AUSTRALIAN FOLK NIGHT (W & G label). This is a recent acquisition and a real blast from the past - a recording of a concert in Melbourne Town Hall some time in the mid 1960s, with some well known Australian folk performers of the time, some no longer with us, performing solo and in various combinations. An 'unpolished' recording, though still a treasure in its own way. The following tracks (all * Australian content) were scattered through the program:

BOTANY BAY (Peter Laycock, Brian Mooney, David Lumsden, Martyn Wyndham Read [sic]); MORETON BAY (Martyn Wyndham Reade); OLD BLACK BILLY (Denis Gibbons); THE STOCKMAN'S LAST BED (Lenore Somerset); WALTZING MATILDA (full cast)

* WATERWITCH / The Roaring Forties / Life Of Brine /

IS THE BIG MAN WITHIN and THREE FISHERS / The Once / The Once / Borealis

* JOHNNY IN THE MORNING / Wheeze And Suck Band / Elsie Marley's Mates / Fire and Thorn

THE GLENDY BURKE and THE NEW IRISH BARN DANCE / The Green Fields Of America / The Green Fields Of America / Compass

* HOLY DAN / Warren Fahey / Classic Bush Poetry / ABC Audio

MOLTON / Blowzabella / Dance /

TOM PADGET / Spiers & Boden / Vagabond / Navigator Records

* BETSY BELL AND MARY GREY / The Fagans / Common Treasury /

BUY US A DRINK / The Malkies / Suited And Booted / Limbo

THE AULD WIFE AYONT THE FIRE / Jerry Holland & John Doyle / Helping Hands / Fiddlesticks Music

GOVERNMENT ON HORSEBACK / Si Kahn / Thanksgiving / Strictly Country Records

REUBEN'S TRAIN / Moody Penner & Swain / South Bound /

THE THORNTON JIG and OGANAICH UIR A RINN M'FHAGAIL / Julie Fowlis / As My Heart Is / Spit & Polish-Planet

AU BOIS MARGUERITE / Traveler's Dream / Here Comes The Rover /

DEATH OF AN UNPOPULAR POET / Jimmy Buffett / The Great Jimmy Buffett / Goldies

KING OF THE PIPERS / Altan / Harvest Storm / Green Linnet

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30 January 2011

The featured album was THE GODFATHER by BRIAN ROONEY (Racket Records). Possibly the pick of the crop of Irish fiddlers living in London but an infrequent visitor to recording studios. Distinctive style, impressive list of fellow players and grand tunes make this a first class album. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


RAMBLIN' IRISHMAN / Andy M. Stewart / Donegal Rain / Green Linnet

LONG LONESOME ROAD / Mom's Home Cookin' / Give Me The Roses /

LIZ CARROLL'S / Gerald Trimble / Crosscurrents / Green Linnet

* COCKIES OF BUNGAREE / The Rambleers / The Rambleers / National Library of Australia

SQUID JIGGIN' GROUND / Gerry Formanger / Down East Accordion / Heritage Music

* ABERCROMBIE MOUNTAIN / Collector / The Game Is Getting Lively /

LUCKY GILCHRIST / The Unthanks / Here's The Tender Coming / Rabble Rouser Music

* SAILORTOWN / Graham Seal / Barbed Wire Ballads / Unvarnished Productions

* THE BLACKSMITH / Wheelers & Dealers / Wheelers & Dealers /

COLD STRINGY PIE / Brian Peters / Sharper Than The Thorn / Pugwash

PRECIOUS DAYS / Evie Ladin / Float Downstream / Evil Diane Music

BRIDGEWATER BOYS / Sue Sternberg and Sam Bartlett / Belting You With Reels / Stuntology

ORAN NA DIBHE / various / The Music of Arran / Brechin All Records

ELVIRA MADIGAN / Mr Fox / Join Us In Our Game / Castle Music

ROLAND THE HEADLESS THOMPSON GUNNER / Warren Zevon / The Best Of Warren Zevon / Asylum

DEAR MARION JONES / Bettina Schelker / Strum / Found A Girl Records

* BOUGAINVILLE SKY / Fred Smith / Bagarap Empires /

TARALILA RASARAKA / Tarika Sammy / Fanafody / Rogue Records

NOSTRADAMUS / Damien Barber & Mike Wilson / Under The Influence / Demon Barber Sounds

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23 January 2011

The featured album was THE RISE AND FALL O' CHARLIE by ALAN REID AND ROB VAN SANTE (Red Sands Music) Prince Charles Edward Stuart is an unexpected subject for Alan Reid, the former Battlefield Band stalwart, although this is a good CD, which Reid says has been "deliberately pitched towards a tourist market rather than a folky one". Mostly traditional material with four original songs, relating the fateful events surrounding the young Prince in 1745-46 Scotland. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* THE OVERLANDERS / Wongawilli / Australia Street /

* LONG WEEKEND AT HOME / Wongawilli / Australia Street /

MAZEY DAYS / Nelsons Wake / Ebb And Flow /

* JESSE DANCING / Terry McGee & Mark Tandy / Southerly Breeze / ArtSound

COPPER KETTLE / Old Blind Dogs / Wherever Yet May Be / Compass-Planet

SILVERY MOON / Aoife Clancy / Silvery Moon / Appleseed

THE GYPSY CAB / Kasir / Folk & Roots From Denmark 2010 / The Danish Folk Council

PUT THE BIG STONE DOWN and OCCAM'S RAZOR / Geoff Bartley / Put The Big Stone Down /

KING HENRY / Fay Hield / Looking Glass / Topic-Planet

LA TURLETTE DU RETECULTEUR / De Temps Antan / Les Habits De Papier / L-Abe

ALL FOR THE USA and HOME FROM THE USA / Ron Hynes / Stealing Genius / Borealis

JACKSON AND JANE / Paul Brady / The Liberty Tapes / Compass

* JOHNNY WALKER'S SHOES / Pigram Brothers / National Folk Festival 2004 /

* YOU TRIED TO RUIN MY NAME / Hildebrand & O'Leary / National Folk Festival 2004 /

OVER TO BRITTANY / Nuala Kennedy / The New Shoes / Compass

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16 January 2011

The featured album was ABOCURRAGH by ANDY IRVINE (self published) This is the first 'solo' album since 1999 from the mercurial Irish folk legend, albeit with the assistance of more than a dozen fine accompanists. An eagerly anticipated release, including a range of excellent songs, both old and new. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


The rest of the program was kindly selected by my wife, Kathy, and many almost forgotten musical gems emerged as a result.

* QUARANTINE / Jane Brownlee / Quarantine / self published

YOUR OWN ROADS / The Queensberry Rules / Take Your Own Roads / Fellside

* SALLY SLOANE'S / Trouble in The Kitchen / The Next Turn / Tradsville

* CARRICKFERGUS / Declan Affley / Declan Affley / Australian Folk Archive

* THE FRENCH-CANADIAN SET / Cocky's Joy / Opus II / self published

POPCORN BEHAVIOUR / Liz Doherty / Last Orders / Foot Stompin' Records

LOW DOWN IN THE BROOM / Show Of Hands / Live / Isis Records

MONEA CASTLE / Boys Of The Lough / Twenty / Lough Records

* TOM HOLMES' REEL / Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton / Swapping Seasons /

* I DON'T MIND / various / Session - Live At Irish Murphy's / self published

ARE YOU SLEEPING MAGGIE / Aiofe Clancy / Silvery Moon / Appleseed

RICHARD MOSCROP'S WALTZES / Kathryn Tickell / Common Ground / Black Crow Records

* THE YIDDISH FEZ / Harlequin / Vielle /


HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS / Nuala Kennedy / The New Shoes / Compass

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9 January 2011

The featured album was SPRING TIDE RISING by PAUL & LIZ DAVENPORT ( Child ballads, other traditional songs and some more recent material, all delivered in an honest, unadorned style with little or no extra production. A good collection of songs. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* JOHNNY, HUGHIE, BILLY / Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & friends / Gates Of Gold /

* LET ME DIE IN MY FOOTSTEPS / Neil Adam with Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & friends / Gates Of Gold /

* SAO ROMA / Shaking The Tree / Ripe / self published

ZITO THE BUBBLEMAN / Ceolbeg / Celtic Connections / The Living Tradition

THE HILLS OF GREENMORE / Dervish / Celtic Connections / The Living Tradition

ROME AU LAC BELL and PETIPETAN / De Temps Antan / Les Habits De Papier / Hearth Music

* YUPPIETOWN / Alistair Hulett / Dance Of The Underclass / Intercord

MONEYMUSK / Lissa Schneckenburger / Dance / Footprint Records

PHILADELPHIA SHER / Jim Guttmann / Bessarabian Breakdown / Kleztone Records

* JACKSONS / Fred Pribac and Friends / The Push On The Corner /

THE DALLAS RAG / Devine's Jug Band / Terrible Operation Blues / Porto Franco Records

LITTLE DAVID / Craig Johnson / Away Down The Road / 5-String Productions

FAREWELL TO CONNAUGHT / Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry / At First Light / Vertical Records

THE DONEGALL ROAD / Colum Sands / The Note That Lingers On / Spring Records

JOCK STEWART / Ewan McLennan / Rags & Robes / Fellside

JAN MIJNE MAN / Blowzabella / Dance /

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2 January 2011

The featured album was SHADOWS TALL by JEANA LESLIE & SIOBHAN MILLER (Greentrax) This is an interesting collection of traditional and some trad-style songs from a Scottish duo whose voices blend well and whose accompanists make positive contributions. An enjoyable album to start the new year. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


LET THE MYSTERY BE / Kerr Fagan Harbron / Station House / Fellside

AIRBREANN / Lunasa / Lunasa / Compass

LET THEM FLY / Kate Rusby / Make The Light / Pure Records-Planet

JOHN BALL / The Old Dance School / Forecast / Transition

* THE HUT ON STAFFIN ISLAND / Strathmannan / Strathmannan /

FIDDLE CASTRO / Kerfuffle / Links / RootBeat Records

WHEN I GET TO THE BORDER / Richard & Linda Thompson / I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight / Island Masters

GENTLEMEN OF HIGH RENOWN / The Wheeze & Suck Band / Flash Lads / Fire and Thorn Records

GLOOMY WINTER'S NOO AWA / Dougie MacLean / Celtic Connections / The Living Tradition

FISHER'S HORNPIPE / Lissa Schneckenburger / Dance /

MISS JOHNSTONE / Blazin' Fiddles / Magnificent Seven /

UP SLIGO / Charlie Lennon / Within A Mile Of Kilty / Clo Iar-Chonnachta

BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES / Coope Boyes & Simpson / Funny Old World / No Master's Voice

FENNARIO / Sylvia Herold & Euphonia / Lovely Nancy /

* THE DARK EYED GYPSIES / Alan Musgrove / Bulli - The Tradition Continues /

MORNING WILLIE-O / Len Graham / The One Tradition / Cranagh Music

JOHN MACKENZIE'S FANCY / Battlefield Band / On The Rise / Temple Music

A POUND A WEEK RISE / Liz Carroll & John Doyle / Double Play / Compass

* BEN CHERRY'S MAZURKA / Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery, Cathy Ovenden / Still A Long Way From Home / self published