Archived Playlists:  July - September 2016

'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz), and streamed as well. Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


 TRACK / artist / album / label     (* Australian content) 

(Intro theme: HERON ELECTION JIG / Silly Wizard / Silly Wizard / XTRA)

25 September 2016

This program was presented by Roger Hargraves.

WASTELAND OF THE FREE / Iris DeMent / The Way I Should / Warner Bros

* CHINQUAPIN HUNTING / The Horse's Leotard / Playing The Goose / self published

* HOW YOU GONNA KEEP HER / O'Leary & Hildebrand / Together Again Again / self published

* THE TEXAS RANGERS / O'Leary & Hildebrand / Together Again Again / self published

* THE MAN WHO STRUCK O'HARA / Harvest Moon Band / In Some Old Shed / Collective Effort

* A BHANARACH DHONN A CHRUIDH / Janny Gall & Ian Blake / Cantara / Elidor Records

STRATHSPEY / James Wilkinson / Because Of The Rain / White Cloud

* BOGOTA / Mike Martin / The Strelley Project / self published

* ETHNIC CLEANSING / Mike Martin / The Strelley Project / self publishe

* THE WEE POT STOVE / Harry Robertson / Whale Chasing Men / Screensound Australia

* LITTLE BIRD OF HEAVEN / Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton / Declaration /

* DALEKS SING PUCCINI / Guy Noble / The Guy Noble Radio Show / ABC

RIP THE CALICO SET / The Bothy Band / Best Of The Bothy Band / Mulligan

GLENUIG HALL / Shooglenifty / The Arms Dealer's Daughter / Compass

CALEB MYER / Gillian Welch / Hell Among The Yearlings / Almo Sounds

COME ALL YOU COAL MINERS / Sarah Ogan Gunning / Harlan County USA / Rounder

* AN DRO NEVEZ / Angela Noonan & Roger Hargraves / Dances & Airs / Sandstock

CORRIDOS / Felpeyu / Ya! / Secret Street

SKATING AWAY / Jethro Tull / The Essential Jethro Tull / Chrysalis

* THE OLD DIVIDE AND RULE / Roaring Jack / The Complete Works / Jump Up Records

* BLACKFELLA WHITEFELLA / Warumpi Band / Big Name, No Blankets / Parole Records

BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN / Nic Jones / Game Set & Match / Topic

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18 September 2016

The featured album was CLASSIC FOLK SONGS FOR KIDS (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings), described as “a cross-section of 26 classics from the Smithsonian Folkways vaults”. The following tracks were scattered through the program:

FROGGIE WENT A-COURTIN’ (Elizabeth Mitchell); POLLY WOLLY DOODLE (Peter Seeger, Bess Hawes, Tom Glazer); JOHN HENRY (Brownie McGee & Sonny Terry); BROWN GIRL IN THE RING (Lord Invader); GO TELL AUNT RHODY (The Ritchie Family); BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN (Tom Glazer); ON TOP OF OLD SMOKY (Pete Seeger); WHOOPEE TI-YI-YO, GET ALONG LITTLE DOGIES ( Cisco Houston)

ROLL IT THERE ROISIN / Donal O’Connor, John McSherry, Sean Og Graham / Ulaid / self published

GEORDIE / Maddy Prior & June Tabor / Silly Sisters / Chrysalis

* DARK HOLLER BLUES / The Hobart Smiths / Old Time Blues / Coal River Records

MUNEIRA DE BATRIBAN / Llan de Cubel / Deva / Fono Astur

A MAN YOU DON’T MEET EVERYDAY / Fraser and Ian Bruce / The Best Of Mrs Bruce’s Boys / Greentrax-Planet

LA MARMOTTE and SARAH JANE / Eden MacAdam Somer & Larry Unger / Through Many A Land / Black Socks Press

JOHNNY WHEN YOU DIE / Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford / The Star Above The Garter / Claddagh

LORD BATEMAN / Chris Wood, Roger Wilson, Martin Carthy / Wood Wilson Carthy / R.U.F.

THE HUT ON STAFFIN ISLAND / Billy Ross & John Martin / Braes Of Lochiel / Springthyme

PEYRAT’S CAT / The Rheingans Sisters / Already Home / RootBeat Records

CARELESS LOVE BLUES / Happy Traum / Just For The Love Of It / Lark’s Nest Music

SIR LUCAS DE SOMERVILLE / Tangleweed / Where You Been So Long / Squatney Records

BROWN EYED GIRL / Van Morrison / Legends II / EMI

BRIGGS’ CORN SHUCKING JIG / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Leaving Eden / Nonesuch

TOM PAINE’S BONES / The Shee / A Different Season / Shee Records

KINCARDINE LADS / Old Blind Dogs / Fit? / Green Linnet

HAPPY SET / Boreas / Ahoy Hoy / Isle Music

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11 September 2016

The featured album was NEWiD by ALLAN YN Y FAN (Steam Pie Records). This is the sixth album from a Welsh band of twenty years standing, who play traditional and trad style Welsh songs and tune sets. Good musicianship, production and presentation. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


GINSENG BLUES / Tangleweed / Where You Been So long? / Squatney

LE TWO-STEP DU FORGERON / Ganey Arsement / Le Forgeron /

* ADIEU FALSE HEART / Rosie Ann Paul Trio / RAPT /

THE MENZIES TREE / Hector Gilchrist / Days O' Grace / WildGoose

* THE VIRTUOSI SET / Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & friends / A Long Way From Home /

THE DAWN / Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon / The Morning Mist / New Century Music

BURY ME BENEATH THE WILLOW / Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice / Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice / Sugar Hill

SKY CITY and AWA' WHIGS AWA' / Old Blind Dogs / Fit? / Green Linnet

DEEP BLUE SEA / Happy Traum / Just For The Love Of It / Lark's Nest Music

THE BACK KITCHEN SETS / Ray and Greg Walsh / Generations /

ON BOARD A 98 / Sam Kelly / Spokes / Hairpin Records

ONE TRUE and STREAK O' LEAN, STREAK O' FAT / Uncle Earl / Waterloo, Tennessee / Rounder

TOM PAINE'S BONES / The Shee / A Different Season / Shee Records

JOHN BARLEYCORN / Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Byker Hill / Topic

MAHALLA and BOODLE-DE-BUM-BUM / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Leaving Eden / Nonesuch

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4 September 2016

The featured album was TUS NUA by GATEHOUSE (Gael Linn). A Roscommon based band playing traditional and trad-style Irish music. Very high standard and very listenable. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


RING THE CHANGES / FatDog / New Found Land / Riverboat Records

THE IRISH HO-HOANE / The York Waits / Fortune My Foe / Beautiful Jo Records

* GONNA GO TO WORK ON MONDAY / The New Holland Honey Eaters / Behind The Times / self published

WHO WOULD TRUE VALOUR SEE / Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band / Sing Lustily And With Good Courage / Saydisc

AGINCOURT CAROL / Regal Slip / Bandstand / Dingle's Records

O MAR ANDA and XOTAS GALEGAS / ARAN / GalEire / Claddagh

GIN I WERE SHOT O' HER / Kentigern / Kentigern / Topic

LET THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL / The Weavers / Rarities From The Vanguard Vault / Vanguard

REDTAIL / Erynn Marshall / Greasy Creek / DittyVille

NUN VAS SOLA and GUETU NIGRU / La Bandina / 13 / Discos L'Aguanaz

BUKOLIK EXPRESS! / Ampouailh / Fest-Noz Ar Ger Wenn / Coop Breizh

T-I-M-O-T-H-Y and HOG WENT THROUGH THE FENCE, YOKE AND ALL / various / Jayme Stone's Lomax Project / Borealis

ANNACHIE GORDON / Nic Jones / The Noah's Ark Trap / Trailer

JOE HUTTON'S MARCH / Polka Works / Borrowed Shoes / G&T Music

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28 August 2016

The featured album was NO SMALLER THAN THE WORLD by BROOM BEZZUMS (Steeplejack Music). The fifth album from two English musicians now resident in Germany, with appearances by a dozen or so guest musicians. A good mix of traditional and original songs and tune sets. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


THE NORTHERN SET and RODDY MCCORLEY / Scruj MacDuhk / The Road To Canso / Manitoba Screen & Sound

SHEPHERDS ARISE / Regal Slip / Bandstand / Dingle's Records

BATTLE OF WATERLOO / McCalmans / Keepers / Greentrax

THE BOOKS IN MY LIBRARY and BIG POND OYSTERCATCHER / Oliver Schroer & Nuala Kennedy / Enthralled / Borealis

BIGGEST THING THAT MAN HAS EVER DONE / John McCutcheon / This Land: Woody Guthrie's America / Appalsongs

GOT THE BLUES CAN'T BE SATISFIED / Mississippi John Hurt / Midnight Special / MRA Entertainment Group

THE CORNCRAKE and BRETON MELODY / Kentigern / Kentigern / Topic

WHISKY BEFORE BREAKFAST / Bryan Sutton with Doc Watson / Not Too Far From The Tree / Sugar Hill

* THE SHEEP-WASHER'S LAMENT / Chloe & Jason Roweth / Too Many Songs About Shearers By Far Vol 1 /

* OPTIMYSTIC / Bashka / Fihi Ma Fihi /

ORPHAN GIRL / Emmylou Harris / Wrecking Ball / Asylum

BACK IN DURHAM GAOL / Jez Lowe with The Bad Pennies / Live At The Davy Lamp / Tantobie

SPIKE ISLAND LASSIES / Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon / The Morning Mist / New Century Music

* FROM THE FRIENDS (AND LAND I LOVE) / Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club and friends / A Long Way From Home /

* THE GORDON FAMILY SET / Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club and friends / A Long Way From Home /

YOU ARE MY FLOWER / The Carter Family / The Carter Family / MCA

REELS / The Scottish Power Pipe Band / Greentrax

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21 August 2016

The featured album was TIME CAN'T ERASE by JIM MACQUARRIE (self published). Jim was from New Brunswick, Canada, and spent some time as a teacher and as an RCMP officer, as well as a couple of decades as a working folk musician in Canada and the US, before migrating to Australia in 1980. He became deeply involved in the Australian folk scene, as an administrator and as a tour agent, and a tireless mentor to young artists. I believe this is the only 'commercial' recording he made. Jim passed away last week and he was a mate of mine. The following tracks (all * Australian content) were scattered through the program:


DON'T GET WEARY CHILDREN / Childsplay / As The Crow Flies /

LUCKY IN LOVE / Caitlin Nic Gabhann / Caitlin /

THE SILVER TASSIE / Lumiere / My Dearest Dear / ABC Classics

SWEET KINGWILLIAMSTOWN and PADDY CRONIN'S SLIDE / Sliabh Notes / Along Blackwater's Banks / Ossian

BULLY IN THE ALLEY / The Canal Street String Band /

RAIDORIU / Ruben Bada, Borja Baragano, Delfu R. Fernandez / DRD / Ambitu-L'Aguanaz

GLADA POLSKAN / Vasen / Keyed Up / Northside

LITTLE BLACK TRAIN / Anna & Elizabeth / Anna & Elizabeth / Free Dirt Records

STAR O' THE BAR and BRETON / Old Blind Dogs / Four On The Floor / Compass

* THE WALTZES / Growling Dogs / Australian Fiddle Tunes /

TIME TO RING SOME CHANGES / The Albion Band / Rise Up Like The Sun / Harvest

BIG PAT'S REEL / John Blake / The Narrow Edge /

WALTZ BERG / MANdolinMAN / Old Tunes, Dusted Down / ARC

LOVELY CUP OF TEA / The Young'Uns / Never Forget / Proper

'TIL THE END OF THE WORLD ROLLS ROUND and HUNTER'S JIG / Tangleweed / In The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing / Squatney

RICKETT'S HORNPIPE / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind / Music Maker

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14 August 2016

The featured album was THE ONE I LOVED THE BEST by THE LONDON LASSES AND CHRIS O'MALLEY ( Well presented album of mostly Irish traditional style tune sets and songs, from an established multi-instrumental band. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


MADAM I"M A DARLING and SCONES OF BOXTY / Burning Bridget Cleary / These Are The Days /

* HOW'D YOU BE / Alex Hood / The Second Hundred Years / Paul Hamlyn

* QUEENSLAND WHALERS / Alex Hood / The Second Hundred Years / Paul Hamlyn

THE HALSWAY CAROL / Jackie Oates / The Spyglass & The Herringbone / ECC-Planet

REVENTLOW / Baltic Crossing / Firetour / Go' Danish

NORTHWEST PASSAGE / Stan Rogers / Northwest Passage / Borealis

JOHN HENRY / Roger Wilson / The Palm Of Your Hand / Harbourtown

RAMBLING SAILOR and HALLINGER / Burgess, Adin & Wingard / Doggerland / Sjelvar

* PRETTY FAIR MAID / Saoirse / Music Evermore /

THE OLD SCHOOLMASTER / The Kinfolk / Memories / Greenbrier Records

I ONCE LOVED A LASS / The Tannahill Weavers / Tannahill Weavers IV / Plant Life

XIRANDIYES / Felpeyu / Live Overseas /

LEE HO / West Of Eden / Safe Crossing / West Of Music

BLIND WILLIE MCTELL / Martin Simpson / Vagrant Stanzas / Topic-Planet

* HARRY AXFORD'S SCHOTTISCHE / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

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7 August 2016

The featured album was a recent self-titled release by VESEVO (Aqualoca Records). Vesevo is an ancient name for Vesuvius, the active volcano near Naples. An innovative trio which bases its repertoire on southern Italian traditional music and including Balkan, Moorish and other North African influences. The following tracks were scattered through the program:



* WAR SONG / Bernard Carney / Australian Voices For Peace / self published

MALUGAARA ILUNNI / Piniartut / Piniartut / Tutl

YOU AIN'T GOING NOWHERE / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Will The Circle Be Unbroken vol.2 / MCA Records

RUAIRAIDH MOR'S and THE ROAD TO DRUMLEMON / Malinky / Flower & Iron / Greentrax

* THE GIRLS OF THE SHAMROCK SHORE / Pam & Norm Merrigan / 12th Cobargo Folk Festival /

* TAKE ME BACK TO WOLLONGONG / The Watsaname Band / 12th Cobargo Folk Festival /

BUFFALO / Eliza Carthy & Tim Eriksen / Bottle / Navigator

FAREWELL TO CONNACHT / Na Fili / Farewell To Connacht / Outlet Recordings

GENTLE ANNIE and SLOW DANCE FROM MACHU PICHU / Bok, Muir & Trickett / The First Fifteen Years Volume 1 / Folk-Legacy

18TH DAY OF JUNE / The Wilsons / Voices - English Traditional Songs / Fellside

MONTROSE and INSIDE THE WHALE / Brian McNeill / No Gods / Greentrax

THE WANTON SEED / Nic Jones / The Noah's Ark Trap / Trailer

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31 July 2016

The featured album was BYWATER by ELIAS ALEXANDER & BYWATER BAND (Fresh Haggis Music) Elias Alexander is a young Boston based multi instrumentalist and singer with a strong interest in traditional Scottish style music and an involvement with various bands. This interesting and entertaining album includes mostly original material. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


FLY AROUND MY PRETTY LITTLE MISS / Pert' Near Sandstone / Needle & Thread / self published

SALTARELLA / various / Balli Popolari In Abruzzo / Taranta

JACK HAGGERTY / James Keelaghan / A Few Simple Verses / Jericho Beach

* BLACKWATER SIDE / Lori Bailey / Morning Light /

* LACHLAN TIGERS / Handsome Young Strangers / Melbourne Town / Code One

TEXAS TWISTER / Christian Wig / Gate To Go Through / Stillfork Productions

* DUST OF URUZGAN / Fred Smith / Dust Of Uruzgan /

WALMART KILLED THE COUNTRY STORE / Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band / The Whole Fam Damnily / Sideonedummy

* JOHNNY COPE / Emma Nixon and Chris Stone / Roots And All / National Library of Australia

THREEBOOT PHILBRICK'S LAMENT / Gordon Bok / North Wind's Clearing / Folk-Legacy

* AND WHEN THEY DANCE / Wongawilli / Fiddling On /

* REEL DE FORGERON / The Con Artists / Fiddling On /

THE BONNIE BLUE FLAG / 2nd South Carolina String Band / In High Cotton /

THE WHEELS OF THE WORLD / Goodwin & Gray / As The Crow Flies / Steeplejack Music

* CARRICKFERGUS / Declan Affley / Declan Affley / Australlian Folk Archive

FAREWELL TO NIGG / Stanley Greenthal / First Song /

NORTHFIELD / various Shape Note Singers / Southern Journey vol.9 / Rounder

LEVE LA JAMBE, ARMANDE / Ad Vielle Que Pourra / Musaique / Green Linnet

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24 July 2016

The featured album was CD4 from THE ACOUSTIC FOLK BOX, a 4 CD compilation released on the Topic label of mostly British folk revival recordings from the 1960s through the 1990s. The following tracks were scattered through the program:

THE GREY FUNNEL LINE (Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane, Mary Black); A CALL FOR THE NORTH COUNTRY (Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies); MOVING THE GOALPOSTS (Billy Bragg); BEESWING (Richard Thompson); THE GRAF SPEY (sic) (Martin Hayes)

FAREWELL TO CARLINGFORD / Beoga / Before We Change Our Mind / self published


OVER THE WATERFALL / Michael Connolly & Miller McNay / The Mandolin Casefiles / self published

* PROSPECT PROVIDENCE / The Fagans / Milk And Honey Land /

RIGODON D'AURENT / I Fratelli Tarzanelli / Antipodes / Appel

BONNIE JESSIE LOGAN / Dougie MacLean / The Ultimate Guide To Scottish Folk / ARC

THE BLUEBELL POLKA / Sir Jimmy Shand / The Ultimate Guide To Scottish Folk / ARC

DIN AL FATAR / Jutta & The Hi-Dukes / On The World Beat / Earwig Music

THE TYTHE PIG / Jim Causley / Dumnonia / WildGoose

WILD AND WICKED YOUTH / The Furrow Collective / At Our Next Meeting / Furrow Records

NUIT D'ECUME and CHALOUPE / Zayenda / Les Fleurs Du bal / self published

THE FAIR FLOWER OF NORTHUMBERLAND / Alistair Hulett / Riches And Rags / Red Rattler

MY OLD MAN / Ange Hardy / Bare Foot Folk / Story Records

HARD ON THE BEACH OAR / Johnny Collins / Shanties & Songs Of The Sea / ARC

SPORTING PADDY / John Carty / Yeh, That's All It Is / Shanachie

E KO TE KAUTOKI / Kahurangi Maori / Discover Music From The Pacific / ARC

BOURBON STREET PARADE / Lemon Nash / Papa Lemon / Arhoolie

THE WING COMMANDER / Goitse / Goitse /

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17 July 2016

The featured album was RISING FAWN GATHERING by NORMAN & NANCY BLAKE, BOYS OF THE LOUGH, JAMES & RACHEL BRYAN. (Plectrafone Records) The Blakes and the 'Boys' are better known than the Bryan father and daughter, although James Bryan used to tour with the Blakes. A wonderful collaboration resulting in an enjoyable mix of old time, Irish and Scottish material. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


BLARNEY ROSES / Tom McConville & Keiran Halpin / Port Of Call / Rubber Records

SOMEBODY'S BOY and GUNBOAT / Jody Stecher & Kate Brislan / Return /

DANCING ON A SUNDAY and UNCLE CYRIL / Robb Johnson & Pip Collings / The Lack Of Jolly Ploughboy / Rhiannon

HOME BY THE SEA and GEORGIA CAMP MEETIN' / Upsala / A String Band / self published

GUNSMOKE & WHISKY and BILL HOSIE / Archie Fisher / Sunsets I've Galloped Into / Greentrax

TENGO EL CORAZON HERIDO / Viguela / Temperamento / ARC

* COUNTRY GARDENS / The Chordwainers / A Journey Into Acoustic Leather Music /

RAISE A GLASS TO DANNY / Harp & A Monkey / War Stories / Moonraker

BLOW ME JACK / The Devil's Interval / Blood & Honey / WildGoose

SOLDIER'S JOY / Guy Clark / The Dark / Sugar Hill

FLIGHT TO BOGOTA / Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault / Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault /

CRAIGIEBURN WOOD / Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan / Adoon Winding Nith / White Fall Records

FAMOUS NON-RHYMING LIMERICK and RUNNING THE GOAT / Frank Maher & The Mahers Bahers / Mahervellous / Borealis

MIDWAY / John Synott, Bill Staines, Renee Goodwin / A Bag Of Rainbows / Heritage

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10 July 2016

The featured album was ROOZ by DALLA Dalla play music from, and associated with, Cornwall. The band members have a long history of resurrecting and promoting interest in Cornish music through their work in various bands. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* TEN MINUTES TOO LATE / Jimmy Gregory / West Along The Road / self published

BRING ME A BOAT and PEGGY'S / Goitse / Goitse /

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS and THE SLOE SWITCH / The Paul McKenna Band / Between Two Worlds /

* BOTANY BAY / Peter Laycock and others / Australian Folk Night / W & G

HECTOR THE HERO and SAE WILL WE YET / Tony Cuffe / Sae Will We Yet / Greentrax

NO HIDING PLACE DOWN HERE / Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers / Get In Union / Tompkins Square

DRUMDELGIE / Ian Manuel / The Frosty Ploughshare / Topic

POLKA Z SIERADZKIEGO and MATEUSZ / Warsaw Village Band / Uprooting / self published

MIST COVERED MOUNTAINS / Bill Jones / Turn To Me / Compass

LAKE OF INNISFREE / Kyle Alden / Songs From Yeats: Bee Loud Glade /

ELZIK'S FAREWELL / Brian Vollmer / Old Time Music Party / Patuxent

* THE MUSIC TREE / New Dogs Old Tricks / New Dogs Old Tricks /

FISHER'S HORNPIPE / David Schnaufer / Dulcimer Player Deluxe / SFL

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3 July 2016

The featured album was CASADH NA TAOIDE / TURNING THE TIDE by LÍADAN (Claddagh). This was the 2009 second release by a six piece all female band from Galway and Limerick. Mostly traditional material and all well presented. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


IN THE LAND OF THE PATAGARANG and BOSTON O'CONNOR / Patrick Street / Irish Times / Topic

ROSE OF ALLENDALE / Home Service / Alright Jack / Making Waves

FLOWERS OF SASKATCHEWAN and INERTIA REELS / Malinky / The Unseen Hours / Greentrax

THIRTY DAYS IN JAIL and THE HARBOUR HILL SLIDES / Ray and Greg Walsh / Generations /

THE AMPHITRITE / The Demon Barbers / +24db / self published

PADDY WON'T YOU DRINK SOME GOOD OLD CIDER / The Bucking Mules / The Bucking Mules /

HOG-EYE and POLONAS FRAN SEXDREGA / FatDog / New Found Land / Riverboat Records

SHAWNEETOWN / Iain Goodwin & Tim Gray / As The Crow Flies / Steeplejack Music

* MIND HOW YOU GO / Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton / Swapping Seasons /

* SWING WALTZ / The Celebrated Emu Creek Bush Band / Saturday Night At The Spring Gully Hop / self published

* BIRDS OF A FEATHER / Eric Bogle / At This Stage / Rouseabout

SANDY RIVER BELLE and JOIN THE BRITISH ARMY / Tangleweed / Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals / Squatney

HOLMES AND WATSON / Mick Ryan and Pete Harris / The Long Road / WildGoose

THE MILEHOUSE and CANAL SONG / The Queensberry Rules / Take Your Own Roads / Fellside-Planet

* SIGN ON DAY / Dave de Hugard / The Larrikin Sessions / ABC Music

* WALTZ TO COBARGO / Stringfiddle / 2015 Cobargo Folk Festival /