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'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz), and streamed as well. Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


 TRACK / artist / album / label     (* Australian content) 

(Intro theme: HERON ELECTION JIG / Silly Wizard / Silly Wizard / XTRA)

24 September 2017

The featured album was PREMIERE by KORNOG (Green Linnet). This is a recording of a 1984 concert in Minneapolis by possibly the first Breton group to play arranged concert sets rather than specifically dance music. It includes traditional Breton tunes and some songs in English from the ex-pat Scot band member, Jamie McMenemy. A delightful album, still sounding fresh and exciting. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* THE DAY THE VIRGIN MARY CAME TO COOGEE / The Wheeze and Suck Band / Flash Lads / Fire & Thorn

* THE OLD BUSH / The Freewheeler / The Freewheeler / Tradsville

* THE TEXAS RANGERS / Hildebrand & O'Leary / Together Again ... Again /

THE WILD GEESE / Malinky / Far Better Days /

DRACUMAG and MAGGIE WENT GREEN / Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger / Naming Of Names / Cooking Vinyl

LA DESCENTE AUX ENFERS / Les Chauffeurs A Pieds / V / Scorbut

SYLVIE / Gray Sky Girls / Gray Sky Girls / American Melody

MOLL IN THE WAD (No.172) / The Yetties / The Fiddler Knows / ASV

MATT HYLAND / Andy M. Stewart / Donegal Rain / Green Linnet

FAMILY and BOATS TO BUILD / Young and Rusty / Come Back Coming On / Motherlotus Records

BONJOUR TRISTESSE / Aly Bain with Queen Ida & The Bontemps Zydeco Band / Aly Bain & friends / Greentrax

YOU RAISE ME UP and GALICIAN CAROL / Johnny Coppin / Keep The Flame / Red Sky Records

JOHN SHORT'S TUNE / The Ill-Mo Boys / Laugh And Grow Fat / Vigortone Records

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17 September 2017

BLYTHE BLYTHE AND MERRY WAS SHE and SCOTCH CAP / Jock Tamson's Bairns / Rare / Greentrax

SERAFINA and MISS MOLLY / The Canal Street String Band / Introducing The Canal Street String Band /

* MY SON TED / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

* BOB IN THE WASH HOUSE / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

THE DIMMING OF THE DAY / Richard Thompson with Mary Black & Dolores Keane / Bringing It All Back Home / BBC

ST ANN'S REEL / Ricky Skaggs, Paddy Glackin, Mark O'Connor / Bringing It All Back Home / BBC

DON'T LET OUR LOVE DIE / The Everly Brothers / Bringing It All Back Home / BBC

CANNY CUMBERLAND / Greg Stephens & Crookfinger Jack / Banklands / Fellside

MUDDLEY BARRACKS / Roy Harris / Banklands / Fellside

BY THE GLOW OF THE KEROSENE LIGHT / The Once / The Once / Borealis

SAVOY FAMILY WALTZ / Mike Seeger with Michael Doucet & Marc Savoy / Third Annual Farewell Reunion / Rounder

I'M GOING TO THE WEST / Mike Seeger with Penny & Peggy Seeger / Third Annual Farewell Reunion / Rounder

WHA'LL DREG A BUCKIE / Davie Steele with Drinker's Drouth / People And Songs Of The Sea / Greentrax

THE SHAALDS OF FOULA SET / John Carnie / People And Songs Of The Sea / Greentrax

* FRANK COLLINS' JIGS / Adrian Barker & Ben Stephenson / Undertones / Tradsville

LITLE JACK FROST / Kate Rusby / The Girl Who Couldn't Fly / Pure Records

BOAT IN THE WATER / Tom Paxton / Boat In The Water / Pax Records

FOGGY DEW / Hamish Imlach / Best Of Irish Folk / Castle Communications

MADAME BONAPARTE / Finbar Fury / Best Of Irish Folk / Castle Communications

WATERBOUND / Dirk Powell / Time Again / Rounder Select

* BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER / Ruth Hazleton & Kate Burke / A Thousand Miles Away /

THE DE'IL'S AWA WI' THE EXCISEMAN and THE SOFT HORSE REEL / Ceolbeg / Not The Bunnyhop / Greentrax

TRAVELLING PEOPLE and HISTORY LESSON / The Three City Four / Smoke & Dust / Fuse Records

MAIDS OF CASTLEBAR / Brian Rooney / Leitrim To London / Claddagh

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10 September 2017

The featured album was FOLK HOTEL by TOM RUSSELL (Frontera Music). This is the new release from a prodigious singer songwriter and recording artist. This is quite the concept album, in which Russell's impressive flair for emotive imagery and character description builds a collection of ballads of the highest quality. Definitely up there with Russell's best work. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


CHAMPION AT KEEPING THEM ROLLIN' and THE APPEAL TO REASON / Andy Irvine & Luke Plumb / Precious Heroes /

TRAMPS AND HAWKERS / Old Blind Dogs / Fit? / Green Linnet

CARINA AND GARY / Larry Unger & Ginny Snowe / Waltz Time II / Black Socks Press

THE BATTLE OF ALMA / Liz Law and Terry Conway / Of Riots And Rabbits / Stonehouse Music

* A HERD OF GOWS / Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & friends / Gates Of Gold /

PIQUE LA BALEINE and ROLLING DOWN TO RIO / The Young'Uns / When Our Grandfathers Said No / Navigator

TARANTELLA MAFIUSA / Folkabola / Jolla Pipiola / Felmay

* SHOPPING ON A SATURDAY / Gary Shearston / Here & There, Now & Then / Rouseabout

LA PAUVRE MADELAINE and THE BOLD FISHERMAN / Crownstreet / Gardenaire / Glenthorn

SALAMANCA / Micheal O'Suilleabhain / Micheal O'Suilleabhain / Gael-Linn

* ADIEU FALSE HEART / Rosie Ann Paul Trio / RAPT /

O'ROURKE'S / Paddy Keenan & Tommy O'Sullivan / Celtic Compass / Compass

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3 September 2017


HIND HORN / The Furrow Collective / At Our Next Meeting /

SEINN O / Runa / Live /

BYNGGAN / Aurelien Tanghe / La Guitare / Bernol Productions

SHELTER FROM THE STORM / Bob Dylan / Hard Rain / CBS

EUNICE WALTZ / Feufollet / Cow Island Hop / Valcour

MISS ELSPETH CAMPBELL / Iain MacDonald & Iain MacFarlane / The First Harvest / Roshven Records

MY BABY'S NOT A NIGHTOWL and FUN'S ALL OVER / Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller / Deep End Sessions /

EWEN AND THE GOLD / Brian McNeill / Back O' The North Wind / Greentrax


ARLINGTON TOWN / Michael Jerome Browne / Songs From SingOut v.49#1 /

SNOWING UP THE HILL / Skyhook / At The Stringsmith's Forge / Skyhookmusic

SEVEN WONDERS / Maddy Prior & June Tabor / Silly Sisters / Chrysalis

COWBOY TAKES IN A SQUARE DANCE / Skip Gorman & The Waddie Pals / Dogie Music / Old West Recordings

LITTLE BIRD OF HEAVEN and MR AND MRS WALSH / Solas / All These Years / THL Records

* GALILEO / The Fagans / Kitchen Dance /

WALKING IN JERUSALEM / The High Bar Gang / Lost And Undone - A Bluegrass Companion / True North Records

A TUNE FOR THE GIRLS / Strung / Strung /

SHEPHERDS ARISE / Regal Slip / Bandstand / Dingle's Records

FARE THEE WELL (FARE THEE WELL) / Lonnie Donegan / Scarborough Fair / Castle Music

FOLLOWING THE NORTH STAR and BETTER GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME / Rhiannon Giddens / Freedom Highway / Nonesuch

OUTSHINE THE SUN / Foghorn Stringband / Outshine The Sun / Hearth Music

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27 August 2017

The featured album was THE SAME WAY DOWN by ANNALIVIA (Trespass Music) A 2012 acoustic traditional album by an American band, who are now known as Low Lily The music, a mix of traditional and trad styled songs and tune sets, is precise and well executed. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


SPRIG OF THYME and THE TEMPEST / Sarah McQuaid / When Two Lovers Meet /

THE WIFE OF THE SOLDIER / Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick / Byker Hill / Topic

JUNE IS THE COLDEST MONTH OF THE YEAR / Carthy, Hardy, Farrell, Young / Laylam / Hem Hem Records

REMEMBER ME / Kathryn Tickell / Common Ground / Black Crow

UNCLE DAN MCCANN and PLANXTY HUGH O'DONNELL / Mick Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell, Seamus Egan / 3 Way Street / Green Linnet

THE GROVES HORNPIPE / Peter Carberry / Traditional Irish Music From Co. Longford /

* RECYCLED MAN / Jane Harding / Songs From The Road /

* BRADMAN / Paul Kelly / Songs From The South / Mushroom

THE SKINNER SET / Chris Newman / Fretwork / Old Bridge Music

* CARRICKFERGUS / Declan Affley / Declan Affley / Australian Folk Archive

TABHAIR DOM DO LAMH / The Chieftains / The Very Best Of The Claddagh Years / Claddagh

GOT THE BLUES, CAN'T BE SATISFIED / Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer / A Hundred Years From Today / Out Of The Past Records

THE MOCKING BIRD / Kate Rusby / Make The Light / Pure Records

ROB ROY CROSSES THE MINCH / Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas / Fire & Grace / Greentrax

I ONLY SPOKE PORTUGUESE / Pete Coe / In Paper Houses / Backshift Music

SAMUEL'S MAIDS / The Fretless / Bird's Nest /

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20 August 2017

The featured album was GRADH IS GONADH GUTH AG AITHRIS (LOVE & LOSS, A LONE VOICE) by CHRISTINE PRIMROSE (Temple). This is a stunning album of unaccompanied traditional Scottish Gaelic song, from one of the finest Western Isles Gaelic singers. You either love it . . . or you don't. It's deeply emotive music, even without a knowledge of the language. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


EARLY IN THE MONTH OF SPRING and THE CLOTHIERS' MARCH / Liadan / Turning The Tide / Claddagh

* DEEP WATER / Paul Kelly / Songs From The South / Mushroom

HE'S GONE AWAY / The Simon Mayor Quintet / Mandolinquents / Acoustics Records

BOB AND JOAN and VAN DIEMAN'S LAND / Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, James Fagan / Scalene / Fellside

WALKIN' IN MY SLEEP / Highwoods Stringband / Live / Mudthumper Music

SLEEP SOOND IN DA MORNIN' / Kristen Alstaff / Gallowglass /

THERE WAS AN OLD LADY FROM BREWSTER / Bessie Jones with the Georgia Sea Island Singers / Get In Union / Smithsonian Folkways

BORN WITH THE BLUES / George Thorogood / Party Of One / Rounder

SUDDENLY IT'S FOLK SONG / Peter Sellers / The Peter Sellers Collection / EMI

LITTLE BURNT POTATO / Vivian Williams / Fiddler / Voyager Recordings

LA VA / The Occasionals / Reel Of Four / Greentrax

THE MOUNTAIN RANGER / Alan & John Kelly / Fourmilehouse / Compass

* THE ASTOR / Enda Kenny / Twelve Songs /

SANDY GRANT'S / Fisherstreet / Out In The Night / Mulligan

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13 August 2017

The featured album was CHASE THE SUN by THE EARLY MAYS (Bird On The Wing Records) A very good new release from an excellent multi-instrumentalist and Appalachian-style harmony singing trio. A mix of older and original songs and tunes. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


BOLD ARCHER / Brass Monkey / Head Of Steam / Topic

SMASH THE WINDOWS / The Hosepipe Band / Kettleburgh Fete / Kid Menthal Music

MOVING LIGHTLY THROUGH THIS WORLD / Beverly Smith and Carl Jones / Moving Lightly Through This World / Dittyville

RADKA MAIKA SI DUMASHE / Galina Durmushliyska / Love Songs Of The World / ARC

* THE LOST SAILOR / Kate Burke / Down By The Billabong / Rouseabout

* THE SHAME OF GOING BACK / Loaded Dog / Dusty Gravel Road /

THE RAMBLING IRISHMAN / The Voice Squad / Concerning Of Three Young Men / Tara

LONESOME TWELVE / Glen Campbell / The Astounding 12-String Guitar Of Glen Campbell / EMI

TWO ANGRY DOGS / Colum Sands / Turn The Corner / Spring Records

BRITANNIA TWO STEP / The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band / The Reel Party / Greentrax * SATURDAY JOHNNY & JIMMY THE RAT / Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick / Saturday Johnny & Jimmy The Rat / Red Rattler

HANDS FEET / The Young'Uns / Never Forget / Proper

* NORMAN BROWN / Collector / Collector /

THE MICKEY DAM / Battlefield Band with Mike Whellans & Robin Morton / Beg & Borrow / Temple

WHILE THE BAND IS PLAYING DIXIE / Rising Fawn Gathering / Rising Fawn Gathering / Plectrofone

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6 August 2017

The featured album was ALL THESE YEARS by SOLAS (THL Records) This album was released in 2016 by a fine Irish American band celebrating its 20th anniversary. Produced to their usual high standard, containing mostly recent material arranged in trad style. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


BOAT'S UP THE RIVER / Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin / Return /

SIVKORNY CARDAS / Lipa / Traditional Music From Slovakia / ARC

JESUS ON THE MAINLINE / Fairport Convention / 50:50@50 / Matty Grooves

BASIN STREET BLUES / Ernie Hawkins / Whinin' Boy / Corona Records

LAVENDERS BLUE / Jackie Oates / The Ultimate Guide To English Folk / ARC

HARRY'S HORNPIPE / The Demon Barbers / The Ultimate Guide To English Folk / ARC

ROCK, SALT & NAILS / The Short Sisters / Love And Transportation / Black Socks Press

THE BATTLE OF FALKIRK MUIR / Battlefield Band / Stand Easy / Temple

BULGARIAN ROCK / Lunasa / The Kinnitty Sessions / Compass

FARE THEE WELL, MARIANE / Happy Traum / I Walk The Road Again / Roaring Stream Records

* LAZY HARRY'S / Alan Musgrove / Songs They Used To Sing / self published

HAMBONE / Eden MacAdam-Somer & Larry Unger / Through Many A Land / Black Socks Press

HANA / Tarika Sammy / A World Out Of Time / Shanachie

RING THE CHANGES / FatDog / New Found land / Riverboat Records

STARRY CROWN / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind / Music Maker

OEDIPUS REX / Kevin Burke's Open House / Hoof And Mouth / Green Linnet

ACRES OF CORN / Iris Dement / Tom Russell Wounded Heart / Hightone Records

RICHLAND WOMAN BLUES / Mississippi John Hurt / Avalon Blues 1963 / Rounder

* BELFAST HORNPIPE / Louis McManus / With A Heart And A Hand / self published

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30 July 2017

I was 'assisted' in the studio today by two local musicians, Jim McWhinnie and Roger Hargraves. They were more a help than a hindrance today, which was a great relief. Apart from being my friends, we also play in a band together. Roger presents another folk program on 2MCE-FM and often fills in for me when I'm out of town. He and I have each travelled recently, so the program included some music from various interesting places our families' visited.

The featured album was RIOBÓ by RIOBÓ (Altafonte). This is a 2011 album (but new to me) by a group formed to support the very fine Galician fiddler, Begoña Riobó. Mostly new arrangements of traditional Galician material. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


CHANTER'S TUNE / Na Fili / Best Of Irish Folk / Castle Communications

SPANISH LADY / The Johnstons / Best Of Irish Folk / Castle Communications

* RIVER OF JORDAN / The Hobart Smiths / Old Time Blues / Coal River Records

THE LACK OF JOLLY PLOUGHBOY / Robb Johnson & Pip Collings / The Lack Of Jolly Ploughboy / Irregular Records

BALLYKINLEER / Alan Reid & Rachel Conlan / A Quare Yield /

LES AMANTS DU ST-LAURENT / Le Vent Du Nord / Les Amants Du St-Laurent / Borealis

RED RIVER VALLEY / Sons Of The Pioneers / Sunset On The Range / RCA

PATRIKOVO HORO / Petko Radev & Petko Dachev / Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances / Gega

HONE HEKE / Danny McGirr / Kiwi Singalong / Music World

DIONYSSOS IN NAXOS / Michalis Terzis / Music Of The Greek Islands / ARC

MILITANT RED / Alistair Hulett / Riches And Rags / Red Rattler

BLANKET DANCE SONG / Bev Rawson / The South East Alaskan Folk Tradition / Smithsonian Folkways

PIRAEUS AMANES / Apodimi Compania / Ode To A Friend / Deliana Records

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23 July 2017

The featured album was PARADISE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER by DAVE MANN AND FRIENDS   This is an album of songs performed mostly by Dave, his partner Bec and his father Alan. The songs were written between 1981 and 2015 by Alan Mann, a member of the Loaded Dog band in Western Australia and who has contributed songs to that band's recordings over the years. The material covers historical and contemporary social and environmental issues and is insightfully and sensitively presented. The following tracks (all * Australian content) were scattered through the program:


THE SOOR MILK CAIRT and DA GROCER / Jock Tamson's Bairns / Rare / Greentrax

THE HERRING SONG / Scold's Bridle / We Are The Women Left On The Shore / Fleetwood Folk

* TAMLIN / Mothers Of Intention / Pick Of The Crop 2009 /

* DON'T LET YOUR DEAL GO DOWN / Balding & Croft / 40-40 Blues / Merino Records

KINGPIN SPECIAL / Balfa Toujours / La Pointe / Valcour

ROCK OF AGES and CRUSTY ROLLS & CHILI / The Duhks / Your Daughters And Your Sons / Sugar Hill

WEDNESDAY'S TUNE / Luke Daniels / Tarantella / Acoustics Records

ONLY REMEMBERED / Mike Seeger with Jody Stecher, Kate Brislin & Larry Hanks / Third Annual Farewell Reunion / Rounder

OLD TOM OF OXFORD / The Morris On Band / The Mother Of All Morris / Talking Elephant

* THE GOLDEN GULLIES OF THE PALMER / Warren Fahey & Luke Webb / The World Turned Upside Down / Rouseabout Records

* THE RUSH TO GLANMIRE / Warren Fahey & Luke Webb / The World Turned Upside Down / Rouseabout Records

FERMANAGH HIGHLAND and AN MHAIGHDEAN MHARA / Altan / Island Angel / Green Linnet

CROOKED JACK / Broom Bezzums / Arise You Sons Of Freedom / Steeplejack Music

COCHON DE LAIT / Cedric Watson / Cedric Watson / Valcour

OLD BILLY RILEY / Johnny Collins / Shanties & Songs Of The Sea / ARC

* BRUCE SMITH'S SET TUNES / Barry McDonald / Where The Sun-Lights On The Dew-Drops Shine / Harbourtown

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16 July 2017

COME MY LADS / Mawkin, Causley / This Is Navigator Records / Navigator

THE RAIN IT RAINS / Spiers and Boden / This Is Navigator Records / Navigator

SHANDON BELLS / Brian Rooney / Leitrim To London / Claddagh

DOWIE DENS OF YARROW / Karine Polwart / Fairest Flooer / Hegri Music

OUTSHINE THE SUN and JONES' WALTZ / The Foghorn Stringband / Outshine The Sun /

MAZLTOV COCKTAIL / Tummel / Klezmer / ARC

THE ENIGMA OF THE SOUTHWOLD TIDE / Tony Hall / One-Man Hand / WildGoose

* HARRY AXFORD'S SCHOTTISCHE / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

* THE MORNING OF THE FRAY / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

MARY BLAIZE / Kate Rusby / The Girl Who Couldn't Fly / Pure Records

* FLICKER OF AN EYE / Pat Drummond / Tales From The Local Rag / True Blue Records

LA CATOBBA / La Moresca / Italia 2 Roots Music Atlas / Robi Droli

CUMBERLAND GAP / Woody Guthrie / Woody Guthrie / Object Enterprises

* MRS MCLEOD SET / The Black Bear Duo / Ursa Major /

FAIR HAIRED BOY and SIESTA SET / Dervish / Spirit / Compass

FAIR FLOWERS OF THE VALLEY / Tim O'Brien / Fiddler's Green / Sugar Hill

A POUND A WEEK RISE and BEFORE THE STORM / Liz Carroll & John Doyle / Double Play / Compass

THE LADY MARY SAILS / Ann Mayo Muir / So Goes My Heart / Folk-Legacy

7 / Bully's Acre / The Twelve Pins / Big Beat Music

THE FLOWERS OF BERMUDA / Stan Rogers / Between The Breaks / Borealis

* CINDY CINDY / Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton / Summer's Lonesome Tale / Tradsville

CASEY JONES - THE UNION SCAB / Pete Seeger / Don't Mourn - Organize / Smithsonian Folkways

COTTON MILL GIRLS / Stairheid Gossip / Stirrin' It Up / Greentrax

KERRYMAN'S DAUGHTER / Boys Of The Lough / Aly Bain & Friends / Greentrax

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9 July 2017

SEVEN BRAW GOWNS and SILVER SPEAR / Battlefield Band / The Producer's Choice / Temple

TENNESSEE BLUES / Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur / Penny's Farm / Kingswood Records

* COME ON IN MY KITCHEN / The Funky String Band / Mongrel Unleashed / Shoogle Records

FEMME L'A DIT / Feufollet / Cow Island Hop / Valcour

BETSY BELL / The Unthanks / Here's The Tender Coming / EMI

MIRK MIRK and CHORO / The Maeve Gilchrist Trio / Reaching Me / self published

JOHNNY DOHERTY'S MARCH / Bohola / Bohola / Shanachie

* THE SWAGLESS SWAGGIE / Chloe & Jason Roweth / The Roar Of The Crowd /

BANKS OF GREEN WILLOW / Frankie Armstrong / Voices - English Traditional Songs / Fellside

KING JAMIE AND THE TINKLER / John Kirkpatrick / Voices - English Traditional Songs / Fellside

FOUR STRONG WINDS and TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME / Ian & Sylvia / Four Strong Winds / Vanguard

POLISH TUNE (KUJAWIAK) / Chirps Smith / Down In Little Egypt / Vigortone Records

BARE KNUCKLE / Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies / Wotcheor! / Tantobie

A PAUSE IN NEW YORK / Bras Rodrigo / Anuariu 16 / Tierra Astur

BEE DE LA MANCHE and MIDLAND WO-STEP / Poullard, Poullard & Garnier / Louisiana Radio Records

BLACK WATERS / John McCutcheon, Tim O'Brien, Suzy Bogguss, Kathy Mattea, Stuart Duncan & Bryn Davies / Dear Jean / Jean Ritchie CD Project Trust - Planet

ADIEU FALSE HEART / Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy / Adieu False Heart / Vanguard

* MUSIC DELI FREYLACH / Bohemian Nights / Bohemian Nights / self published

THE OLD THRESHING MILL / Jim Causley / Dumnonia / WildGoose

THE CROOKED ROAD TO DUBLIN SET / Runa / Somewhere Along The Road /

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2 July 2017

The featured album was A QUARE YIELD by ALAN REID & RACHEL CONLAN (self published) This is a new release from an experienced string playing duo of tunes gleaned from field recordings and manuscripts. Excellent mix of tune sets, all well played and supported by useful sleevenotes. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


TRAVELLING PEOPLE / The Three City Four / Smoke & Dust / Fuse Records

THE WHEELS OF THE WORLD and MAIRE MOR / Dervish / Playing With Fire / Whirling Discs

YE WOOER LADS / Rod Paterson / The Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill Vol IV / Brechin All Records

SIR SYDNEY SMITH'S MARCH / Ken Kolodner & Elke Baker / Out Of The Wood / Fenchurch Music

* BATTLER'S BALLAD / Alan Scott / Battler's Ballad / Fanged Wombat

WE GOT FOOLED AGAIN / Coope, Boyes & Simpson / As If ... / No Masters

CAILIN RUA / The Outside Track / The Outside Track / Bedspring Music

SLIDING DELTA / Michael Jerome Browne / Sliding Delta / Borealis

FAREWELL TAE THE HAVEN / Ceolbeg / People And Songs Of The Sea / Greentrax

LA BELO PARAULO / OSCO / Jamai Lou Tems / Marquerittes

GIVE ME A DRAM OF WINE / Bara Grimsdottir / Funi / Green Man Productions

A RAG-TIME SKEDADDLE / The Ragtime Skedaddlers / The Latest Popular Mandolin And Guitar Music / Mandophone

LADIES' AUXILIARY / Full Frontal Folk / Sweet Mystery of Life /

OLD GREY SQUIRREL / Bob Zentz / Hove-To, And Drifting / Southside

THE WHITE COCKADE / Kate Rusby / Underneath The Stars / Compass Records

A MAN YOU DON'T MEET EVERYDAY / Fraser & Ian Bruce / The Best Of Mrs Bruce's Boys / Greentrax

* TELFORD'S BRIDGE / Margaret Walters & John Warner / Who Was Here? / Feather and Wedge

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