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'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz), and streamed as well. Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


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(Intro theme: HERON ELECTION JIG / Silly Wizard / Silly Wizard / XTRA)

I won't be presenting the program for a few weeks. I'm going somewhere warm to avoid the beginning of winter. 'Come All Ye' will continue in my absence, kindly presented by my friends Patrick and Rosemary McArdle, and normal (?) service will resume in July.

22 April 2018

The featured album was BLACK COWBOYS by DOM FLEMONS (Smithsonian Folkways) This is a fascinating exploration of a little known aspect of the American Wild West, as the title suggests, presented by one of the founders of the hugely respected Carolina Chocolate Drops. An important, informative and very entertaining album with excellent sleevenotes. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / EMI

THE EAVESDROPPER and SUMMER WAGES / Any Old Time / Any Old Time / Mulligan

ST GEORGE / Waterson:Carthy / Holy Heathens And The Old Green Man / Topic

OLDEFAR PA TOUR / Portners Komplot / Oldefar Pa Tour / Go' Danish

VIGNELON and DOUBLE TRAVERSEE / Genticorum / Avant L'Orage /

* CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT - A LOVE STORY / Bruce Watson / Mosaic /

* RED KEMBLA / The Roaring Forties / We Made The Steel /


TABHAIR DOM DO LAMH / The Chieftains / The Chieftains Collection / Claddagh

* THE SHEETMETAL WORKER / Declan Affley / Declan Affley / Australian Folk Archive

WESTPHALIA WALTZ / Vi Wickam & Justin Branum / Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof / Wickam Music

OH! BREATHE NOT HIS NAME / Eleanor McEvoy / The Thomas Moore Project / Moscodisc

* PRETTY JESSIE / Alan Musgrove / A Young Man And Able / self published

THE WOOLSACK / Neil Brookes & Tony Weatherall / The Whitchurch Hornpipe / WildGoose

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15 April 2018

The featured album was DEVILISH by THE TASSIE DEVILS (self published) This quartet is also known, confusingly, as 'Tasmania's Devil's Own' and 'The Tassie Devil's Own'. Whatever their name, their music is entertaining, often thought provoking, well played and produced. More information about the content (ie some basic sleevenotes) would be useful. The following tracks (all *Australlian content) were scattered through the program:


THE MAYOR IS A GOOD OLD BOY / Mike Seeger with Hank Bradley & Sue Thompson / Third Annual Farewell Reunion / Rounder

MUSKERRAREN BALSA / Kepa Junkera / Bilbao 00:00h / Alula

INIS OIRR IN INIS OIRR / Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola / An Raicin Alainn /

THE BATTERING RAM / John Blake / The Narrow Edge /

SENHOR GALANDUM / Galandum Galundaina / Senhor Galandum / Acor

* HARDIMAN THE FIDDLER / The Freewheeler / The Freewheeler / Tradsville

A PLACE CALLED ENGLAND / The Young'Uns / Strangers / Hereteu Records

BONNIE SHIP THE DIAMOND / Roger McGuinn with Judy Collins / Treasures From The Folk Den / Appleseed

THE BACHAND JIGS / Qristina & Quinn Bachand / Little Hinges / Beacon Ridge

AN POTAIRE / The Bonny Men / Moyne Road /

MY MINER LAD / Linda Adams / Banklands / Fellside

CANNY CUMBERLAND / Greg Stephens & Crookfinger Jack / Banklands / Fellside

LUCY CAMPBELL / Tony McMahon, Martin Byrnes, Andy Boyle / Paddy In The Smoke / Topic

SMELLS LIKE MONEY and GET RHYTHM / Ry Cooder / The UFO Has Landed / Rhino

MAD FAMILY / Fay Hield / Looking Glass / Topic-Planet

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8 April 2018

The featured album was HOMECOMING by the MELBOURNE SCOTTISH FIDDLE CLUB AND FRIENDS This is a 2016 release, their sixth, from an excellent orchestra-sized ensemble of fiddles and assorted other instruments and guest vocalists. All the MSFC albums feature very good performances and high production standards. The following tracks (all *Australian content) were scattered through the program:


ISAMBARD'S WALTZ and OLD KIMBALL / Molsky's Mountain Drifters / Molsky's Mountain Drifters / Tree Frog Music

SIR WALTER RALEIGH / Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, James Fagan / Scalene / Fellside

LIMERICK POLKA SET / Liadan / Turning The Tide / Claddagh

MONKEY WASH, DONKEY RINSE / David Lindley & Ry Cooder / Enjoy Every Sandwich / Artemis Records

BOATMAN'S DANCE and TEAR MY STILLHOUSE DOWN / Euphonia / The Old Jawbone / Tuxedo Records

THE ENIGMA OF THE SOUTHWOLD TIDE / Tony Hall / One-Man Hand / WildGoose

THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH / John McCutcheon / Trolling For Dreams / Appalseed

FOR EN FREMMED BARKST OG FATTIGT / Drones & Bellows / The Dancing Dog / Go' Danish

THE REGULAR ARMY O / Mick Moloney / McNally's Row Of Flats / Compass

BEAUMONT RAG / Kentucky Colonels with Doc Watson / Long Journey Home / Vanguard

THE KING'S SHILLING / Socks In The Frying Pan / The Return Of The Sock Monsters From Outer Space /

FUTTER PETTER VALS / Bla Bergens Borduner / Bla Bergens Borduner / Amigo

THE MAN IN THE MOON / The Full English / The Full English / Topic

WHO'S GONNA TALK TO DINAH / Vi Wickam & Justin Branum / Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof / Wickam Music

RIRO'S HOUSE / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Leaving Eden / Nonesuch

THE PRINCESS ROYAL / Martin Simpson / The Bramble Briar / Topic

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1 April 2018

The program was presented by Roger Hargraves while I was attending the National Folk Festival.

ALALA DAS MARINAS / Xesus Pimentel / Musica De Galicia / Do Fol

THE SHOUTER / Chris Wood / Albion / Navigator

POLSKA EFTER JON ANDERSSON and THE FACTORY GIRL / The Rheingans Sisters / Glad Gold Hearts / RootBeat Records

BESTEFARSLATTEN / Synnove S. Bjorset / Ram / NorCD

AWAKE AWAKE and MAY CAROL / Shirley Collins / Lodestar / WIGCD

RAGGLE TAGGLE GYPSY / Planxty / Planxty / Polydor

BY AIR and SLOW TRAIN and A TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT / Flanders and Swann / The Complete Flanders And Swann / EMI

THE ST PAUL'S SUITE and MOLLY ON THE SHORE / Simon Mayer / The English Mandolin / Acoustic Records

THE GARDENER / Tim Hart & Maddy Prior / Folk Songs Of Old England Vol II / CREST

COLA MANO FUERA and ALTU AYER! / Al Xeitu De Nenyuri / Discos L'Aguanaz

TO LEEI TO AIDONI and SURTO / Chrysoula K & Purpura / Chrysoula K & Purpura / self published

PERVANE / Ross Daly / An-Ki / Oriente

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